In my last blog post I talked about coming to the realization that I was living my Plan B and taking steps to Live My Plan A. Once I started taking the necessary steps to Live My Plan A with a single-minded focus, every other aspect of my life vastly improved. I’m so much more content as a result of getting back on track to go after my dream.

I wake up feeling absolutely energized, even though I get less sleep because I have more late nights working on my business plan, my website, perfecting my services and client deliverables, and best of all, working with clients. But it is so worth it! It is this feeling that feeds my passion for working with clients: I want my clients to walk away from their work with me understanding what their Plan A dream is, or getting back in touch with their Plan A dream after having put it on hold. And I want them to have a clear map of the steps they need to take to realize their Plan A dream.

What are your thoughts on your own Plan A? Do you know what your burning desire is or do you need help getting clear on what you really want to do? Are you on track with your Plan A? Or do you find yourself having veered off course, putting your energy into your backup plan and wondering “When will I ever get back to my dream?”

Share your thoughts and comments here. Let’s start a Plan A community, an ongoing conversation. I invite you to stop by this blog often, to see what others have to say and to read my blog posts about Living Your Plan A.


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