The best tip to creating the best life is very simple.  I know many people want a 500 page book with illustrations to teach them this very secret but there is no need.  All you need to do is to treat everyone you meet, each encounter, every friend and aquaitance the way you would like to be treated. 

For instance, do you want to be loved and respected? Of course, the answer is yes.  Operating in love and respect begets love and respect from everyone around you.  These are two very important questions that are a must!

                    1. Do I want the best life?

                                2. How do I treat others?

Your answers to the questions above will help with you evaluate your life.  You never know who may need a hug or just a nice smile.  So today make a vow to sow seeds of love to everyone around you and watch your life change to the best life.  A life full of happiness, peace, joy, and love!


Brenda Thorpe


Proud Member of Internet CEO Moms

& Work at home CEOs


Tel: 803.937.5597

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