“The Important of Professionalism in the business”

I’m sure many of my readers are not in the literary field. But there comes a time in our lives as professionals when we have to put on the breaks and check ourselves.

In business there is a level of professionalism that is expected among us. I’ve experienced a lot of unprofessionalism in the four years I’ve been in business but never gave it to anyone. One thing that every person in business must know; being unprofessional can turn away potential customers.

I work around a lot of passionate, motivated, intelligent, out-going, fun and informative people. None of us are multi billionaires and none of us run a multi-billion dollar company but being professional is still a matter at hands.

If you want to be anything in your life; anything in a professional world, you must act professional. Greet people with manners, talk to them with respect, not have the need to down play other people or set revenge on people for their actions. There’s always a way to handle things.

Quick tips on how to be professional

  • Have good phone etiquette. Answer the phone professionally; with a smile on your face as if you are eager to help the person calling
  • Have good email etiquette. Respond quickly to emails saying Hello Mrs. (Mr.) Ending the email saying thank you and have a great day. Make people have a sense of comfort and eagerness to get back in contact with you.
  • Set priorities. Get work done that’s most important for the day. If you told someone you would get a certain thing to them by this hour, make sure they have it.
  • Be organized
  • Be on time; with anything!

Now let’s talk about setting a different between twitter/facebook and business

When I sign on to twitter or facebook, I let my hair down.  I am not generally who I would be in business. I am socializing and there’s no need for me to be on my best professional behavior. But when the tables turn and it’s time for me to be CEO, Owner and operator of From A Writer’s POV, I am 100% professional. I’ve met several people on twitter that I like talking to and laughing with but if I ever come in contact with someone professionally, I’m using my quick tips above to address them.

No matter what the level of friendship is, business is business and it’s important to be professional in business. This is where a lot of business professionals go wrong. They incorporate pleasure with business and then lose their grounds and respect for what they are trying to do.

If you do not take professionalism seriously, you will lose customers, your business will fail. I’m sure most people are like me and will not deal with someone being unprofessional. When I go to eat, I want a waiter who is professional, good manners, quick on their feet and quick to respond. Not someone that is coming at me like “hey girl what you want to eat.” No I want “Hello, how are you? May I take your order?” Why? Because it’s professional it’s a part of that’s person’s job. With an attitude like that they can expect me to come back time and time again because of their professionalism and manners.

So if you are in business, check yourself right now and ask yourself are you professional enough. If you want people to take you seriously, it’s time to get some professional business about yourself and get to the next level.

Straight from the DIVA



Article written by: Dominique Watson



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