The Skinny on Skin Care: A mini vocabulary lesson

Lovely Ladies, as your go about you day planning and conquering the business world, don't forget to take time out from your busy, entrepreneurial endeavors to take care of you. Remember, healthy, nutritional and skin care habits are important allies in your journey to the top. 

Antioxidant, free radicals and scavengers. What are they? Most of you know of or have heard  those words before, and you may also know that they have something to do with the body and skin care. But, do you really know what they are and what they do? I know it's seems simple, but consider this a vocabulary lesson on a few, very important words, that can sometimes be overlooked in the fight against skin care.  If skin matters, this little lesson is for you.

Free Radicals: are scavengers. They attack other cells, and rob them of their energy, leaving the cells worn out, tired, and without energy to do work. Our normal body processes such as, breathing create free radicals. However, much more are created through environmental factors like, toxins and stress. 
Antioxidants: are the chemicals in the body, that protects the cells from Free Radicals. Unfortunately, our bodies are influenced by a great deal of environmental factors such as, smoking and medication, which causes a decrease in our antioxidant levels.  
Super Foods: are foods that are high in antioxidants.
The bottom line is, if you don't increase your antioxidant levels, free radicals will take over, and spread like wildfire from one cell to the next, which will eventually cause tissue and organ damage. The end result is, disease and premature aging.
So, can you increase your antioxidant levels? Fortunately, yes. Eating lots of Super Foods, reducing stress, limiting exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals, and taking antioxidant supplements will all increase levels.  
My next blog will introduce you to the effects of everyday super foods, which can be found in some skin care products, and will definitely boost your antioxidant levels. The first up will be Acai Berry fruit. 

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