Tips on How to Avoid Model Scams + What Really Works!

My BIG dream is to be a model and I will strive towards that until I reach success. I started off in the absolutely wrong direction by taking up an offer from Model Productions, a model search agency, that were promoting their search throughout the malls. This will be Tip One: Mall model searched are most likely scams. I was young and about 13 and begged my mother to pay the $250 for the CD and the registration for some convention where all the "top model agencies" were going to be. This includes Tip Two: Don't pay for ANYTHING... and I mean ANYTHING! It just makes sense that if an agency was really legit and REALLY wanted to work with you, they would NOT ask for money, because well... they really shouldn't need it. At the most, the only somewhat "OK" payment is a registration fee, but that is still pushing it!

Okay, so after realizing that all of these model agencies and schools that make everything sound OH SO GOOD on the radio and their "interviews" (which hundreds of people come to and not even get a chance to get "interviewed") was all... excuse me... BULL!, I decided that maybe craigslist was a good choice to find opportunities. Wrong! Tip Three: Don't use craigslist! It is full of scams and people who are very unprofessional just looking for money; about 90% of these people probably do not care about your dreams for being an actress or model. Let me tell you... I went to a 'meeting' for the selected models for a photo shoot with the Atlanta Falcons bird mascot... tell me why this so called "mascot" was an very old lady dressed in a red and black home made costume that looked like she was a Broadway performer with a Vegas theme with all those darn feathers. It was a mess ! I could tell many stories from scams ALL from Craigslist. 

But let me tell you guys something that DID work. Keeping my faith not only in myself that I would someday live my dream, I always kept my faith in God. And well, I fasted for 3 days by giving up just one item that I love the most... chewing gum.LOL It sounds simple and its probably funny to you, but I chew gum so much... I may even chew it in my sleep. Its just something that I HAVE to have. and I'm telling you... day one from the fast.. I got a call from my friend about a agency having an open call and (long story short) , I went and they sent me the contract in the mail and I am now a signed talent ! : ) They never once asked me for a dime and they instantly started sending me auditions and model/acting training courses! I felt the need to tell this story because ONE... models and actresses really become serious and determined and its so hard to not fall for these scams because we really really want it. And I would have never thought I'd get signed that day! 

God bless to all aspiring models and actresses reading this and please keep these tips in mind because you don't want someone to take advantage of you and your will to reach success. Trust me.... I have been through it all. And even if modeling/ acting is not your goal.... try your faith in the lord anyways and see what happens! : ) 



         Joslyn  Shavonne

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