Top 3 Tips for Being a Successful Business Woman

Every day more and more women are leaving the confines of working as an employee to starting their own business where they have full control of their future.  When you start your own business, you are your own boss and you should be proud of it.  You may know a woman who owns her own business or you may be one yourself. One in eleven adult women is an entrepreneur! Every woman who follows her inner voice and takes the plunge of starting a business is courageous. Starting your own business allows you to be in charge of your life.It takes courage to start your own business and it takes courage to keep at it to make it successful. Here are three important tips to being a successful woman in business.


1. Understand What You Don’t Know. Most people start a business because they have a special gift or talent that they want to share with the world.  No one starts a business having all the knowledge they need to make their business successful. It's important that you understand the things you don’t know and how to learn more about those things.  Fortunately, there are many ways to learn including books, seminars, Internet, and networking groups.  A great way to get started is to simply asking questions. Successful Women know the answer is out there and will find it.


2. Keep a Level head. Starting and growing your business can also be extremely stressful.  You are the CEO, service provider, marketer, saleswoman, customer service representative and administrative assistant just to name a few.   However, doesn’t include your personal life duties of wife, partner, mother, daughter, sister, neighbor and friend.  It's no wonder women feel stressed!  The key to maintaining a level head and not allowing ourselves to feel stressed is balance and focus.   To do this, you have to know what you want...from everyday business decisions to major choices.


3. Get Out There. It’s extremely important that business women create relationships with other business women and entrepreneurs and connect with each other often. A great way to do this is to be part of a "mastermind" group. Mastermind groups consist of other women who get together for the sole purpose of sharing their victories and asking for ideas to overcome their latest challenges. 


Deciding to start your own business can be exciting, empowering and courageous.  To ensure your business success, keep these three tips in mind. 


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