Two Lessons I learned About Network Marketing Online


The world would be a wonderful place if the average network marketer was actually making the money they want from their business, but unfortunately it doesn't always work out that work. Most Network Marketers online are making the same mistake. They are trying to sell their product to anyone with a pulse and no one is buying. It happens every day; the overselling, the random business plugs in inappropriate places, the clear desperation and desire for sales. The problem isn’t the product or even the pitch; it’s the people they are trying to reach. Here are a few things that I’ve discovered about network marketing and the internet:

1. People buy products from trusted brands they know. Moreover, when they are online its very unlikely they’ll buy a product just because you send them a link. When people buy online it’s usually because they are searching for something they can’t find offline, something they need quickly, something that was recommended, or something they have purchased before. The big problem with most network marketing products is they don’t easily fall into any of these categories.

2. When it comes to spending money online, people generally buy out of desperation or desire. They are either buying things they really want or buying into products/opportunities that might make them money.

If you are a newbie network marketer trying to sell your products online, you already know how difficult it is to drive traffic to your website and get people to buy. I won’t say that it’s impossible (because people are making money as we speak), but I will say that it’s difficult because you have so many obstacles in your way.

Chances are online consumers aren’t heavily searching for what your selling. And with the high competition, the people currently using your product probably already have a local representative that they buy from. Again, getting new people to buy your product online is challenging, which is why you to change two things; where you sell and who you sell to. How do you make the switch? Download and read my latest ebook: "How to Really Make Money Networking Marketing and Selling MLM Produ..." | Here is a $10 Off Discount Code just for reading my blog: EB10OFF

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