"What About Us - The Movie Starring Jasmine Guy

I want to take this time to thank LaShanda Henry & BBWO for allowing me to share P.E.A.S Magazine on such an important forum, it can be a trying test of perserverance when what your doing is not received, I have not experienced this here. Also thanking all who have supported and shared the magazine/organization's mission, we couldn't do this without you.

"What About Us?” is a film about the abduction of two little girls, one the daughter  of a superstar athlete and the other the daughter of a middle-class business man.  One of these families is provided with unlimited resources and support, while the other family struggles to be heard.  Will they simply accept societies criteria of whose child is worthy of attention or will they take matters into their own hands?

"What About Us"  (Deatra L. Harris) Writer & Director  has partnered with Peas In Their Pods, helping to raise awareness when it comes to our missing children. We are so excited and grateful for this partnership, and the opportunity to help as many families as possible.

Please visit "What About Us" for continued updates of movie release.


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