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My introduction and understanding of legal marketing came from a criminal defense attorney who took a risk hiring someone with no legal marketing background.

The first question he asked me on my first day was, “What are we selling?” I had not a clue. I told him legal services and then he said. “Hell, I went to school seven plus years for people to already understand that.”

The mood in his office was serious, he was not laughing. Then calmly he stood up, motioned me with his right arm and said, “Come walk with me.” We ventured just outside the office door and then he asked me to tell him the exact number of solo lawyers on this block alone. Didn’t know what to say, I saw six, but he made me feel like it was a trick question. His demeanor was stern and all I could see was his eyebrows extending towards me as if there was static in his brows. I just wanted to take a dryer sheet to his brows. I finally told him six. There are six firms on this block alone. He explained, “We each have a law degree and are members of the Bar association and are qualified to practice law. What sets each of us apart is our ability to generate confidence from the community and the public in general. Some of us are able to and others are not, just as any business. What we are selling is confidence."

He asked did I have any questions, passed me a book on guerrilla marketing and told me to read the first three chapters and tomorrow we would discuss them. Out of everything he taught me over four years, that day was the most important. When you are asked what are you selling? Whether you sell a product or service remember you are really selling confidence.

It is always a blessing to share, Dream your World!

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