What do you have in common with Oprah?

Lessons from “O”
It’s January 5, 2009. I am watching Oprah. Oprah has declared that 2009 will her year for joy, hope and balance. She has made a conscious decision to put herself at the top of HER to do list. How awesome is that?

So what do you have in common with Oprah? Do you need joy, hope or balance? If your answer is yes, Read on…. Let’s spend a few moments talking about balance.

What is balance?
When I think of balance I imagine the scales of justice, where there is equal amount of weight on each side. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs have lives that are out of balance; where one side of the scale weighs much more than the other. We spend more time at the office than with our families. We work harder on our developing our intellect than growing spiritually. We spend more hours in front of our computer than resting or relaxing. Decide today to make a conscious effort to even out your personal scale.

Your assignment: Make your to do list. Item #1. Make yourself a priority today.

To get started I recommend the book:
How did I get so busy? By Valerie Burton
Valerie offers a 28 day plan to free your time, reclaim your schedule and reconnect to what matters the most.

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