I was recently asked about my endeavor, so I thought I would share with all. I am not an attorney, as I inform everyone before I speak on real estate, the information I provide is for informational purposes and laws vary from state to state that one should consult with their advisor for a particular situation as every situation is different. But over the years I have worked with attorneys and attorneys with me on behalf of the landlord on various legal matters pertaining to the tenant. Most of these cases worked out in the best interest of the landlord, because financially the tenant wasn't able to hire an attorney or just didn't have a clue.

As for my knowledge of leases and the have to know and understand what you are reading as a real estate manager, portofolio anaylst and real estate office manager...because you are consistently referring or reveiwing the lease on one issue or another. My experience and continuous work and training in this field has put me in a position to educate those that are without, on the concepts of leasing. I give tips as to what the tenant should look for before, during and after thier tenancy. It takes years of experience, a love of the business and most of all a concern for the tenant. I am licensed in real estate, have degree in business management and pursuing my RPA...I am a portfolio analyst currently for Fortune 500 companies (confidentiality purposes I can not disclose the names). Therefore, I read leases on a daily basis on behalf of my clients and have been reading leasing over the past 9+ years. Some think it is boring, but I love it. Have to have a love for what you do...

God laid upon my heart to write the book to lay a foundation for the commercial tenant to build upon when doing business with a landlord or property management company. Also, God led me to the ning networks, blog talk radio and various other resources were I could promote awareness to the small to midsize commercial tenant of thier options and potential savings. Because I was clueless, I didn't know where to begin on this journey. God continues to open doors and I am going to step through them to do the work he has set before.

We love our attorneys, but most of the leases I have read are poorly written and contain a lot of grey areas, especially when it come to the tenant and I am not the first to say. And sure I will not be the last. I am not putting all the blame on the attorneys for poorly written leases, because fault do lie with the landlord, the landlord originally have the lease written by an attorney for a particular tenant and then they use that lease as a standard lease for all tenants. Because most landlords are cheap (on a budget) and it costs money to have an attorney review a document. So, then the landlord gives it to their leasing agent who is supposely trained/hired to edit the lease on behalf of the landlord (on behalf of the landlord). Their focus is to get the lease signed, in and out. He is a sales man.

So my mission is to inform, give a heads up through whatever means God directs.

Author & Commercial Tenant Consultant
'10 Commandments for Dealing w/Landlords - What U the Commercial Tenant May Not Know?'

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