Marketing concepts change very fast, however the heart and soul of guerrilla marketing remains unchanged. The first rule of this strategy is to have the ability to adapt. Guerrilla marketing uses creativity, imagination, and not traditional marketing in the least. Ones who market traditionally usually are very well funded and have fat budgets and resources. My legal marketing clients usually are just out of law school or have no resources at all. I learned these tactics the old fashioned way through on the job trial and error.

The first thing I learned quickly is to build an informational database on all prospective clients. A prospect is someone who maybe in need of your products or services. Grocery stores do it on a regular basis. Here in the south most everyone has a Kroger Card from Kroger Grocery store. You give the check out clerk the card to swipe to receive rewards and a percentage off your purchase. It is great!! Now with your consent the grocery store is compiling information about your purchases. If you buy Cherrios, then they may send you Wheaties or another grain/oat cereal coupon in the mail. Wheaties may be paying the grocery store a little more for shelf space.

Database marketing is an effective guerrilla marketing tool. It is gathering information and using it creatively and legally to promote your products and services on a very low budget. Start your database today. It is a revenue generator for any business. I have used dBase, excel, and access. The most effective platform I have used for staff convenience is on, an online web office service. I can move to any office or location and have realtime benefit.

Any questions about guerrilla marketing, message me or join today!


Lisa Henry

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