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Developing your competitive edge is a must. I am a true guerrilla marketer just the same as most, however what has made me unique or stand out marketing for the legal community is my ability to adapt using media software creatively. I have spent years developing my edge to survive in the industry. There are numerous docket runners and legal marketers in my area in the same business who are creative when it comes to guerrilla marketing, but it is that edge of creating something our competitors cannot offer keeps us going. My competition are other legal marketers.

My use of software and informational content are my edge in the industry. Keep in mind people do not buy features as much as they buy benefits. Marketing benefits is the key to gaining paying clients.

If you fall and scratch your knee, it may benefit you to get a product that helps heal the wound on your knee. People seek out benefits, then browse or shop for the features. One product may feature an antibiotic creme, another may offer the feature in an easy no mess tube. Benefits usually come before features. When I market using how a service can truly benefit the desired target audience in a format unique from others I have created marketing a product or service with a competitive edge. For example, you have likely seen attorney TV commercials, newsletters, brochures, direct mailers or billboards. Now, how many of those commercials have you seen or heard the statement, "We will work for you" or " If you are hurt on your job, call the law office of ________"? Where is the edge, the uniqueness.?

I learned quickly to market quality, not quantity which is another competitive edge rule that when followed, generates paying clients. A lot of "prospects" do not equal paying clients. It may seem as though you are not making progress when you market quality in the beginning, but your bottom line and what you receive in return will prove fruitful in the future. Quality is about planting seeds and preparing for the harvest. Quality marketing is marketing where your products and services benefit.

What is your edge? What makes your product or service different from other products and services just like yours? I developed skills, along the way, that I can confidently add to my resume because of adapting and developing my competitive edge. See some examples below of how keeping up with technology has helped me expand into other areas.

These are examples of wedding vendor sites: Mir-A-Co Designs and Elegant Events

When I created my Ning social network I wanted a unique banner so I designed from scratch this interactive banner: SweeThorn flash banner

Your edge will create business longevity. Create your edge today.

It is always a Blessing to Share, Dream a World

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