What Is Your Soul Purpose?

What “arouses emotion and sentiment” within you and drives you to fulfill your goals?

According to Webster's dictionary the definition of soul is: “the spiritual nature of human beings". It is also described as “the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment.”

Each of us possesses soul. For some it may be hidden, beating quietly within. Waiting for the opportunity to burst forth. For others, their soul is alive, driving them to fulfill their vision and God's purpose and plan for their lives.

Through my relationship with people from all walks of life, I have found that many people are using their soul purpose to direct them in their spiritual, personal and professional lives.

Social Network members make new friends, build their businesses and market their merchandise by determining the values and the passions that will guide them every step of the way.

One of the beautiful elements of the Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company is their dream to inspire individuals all over the world to define and act on their Soul Purpose.

My Soul Purpose is to bring women to Christ by providing them with the necessary tools to love themselves as the Lord loves them. By feeding their minds, bodies and souls they will be able to free themselves from the chains that bind.

At Soul Purpose we provide the avenues to health and wellness products to soothe the mind, body, & soul. All natural, organic products enriched with 100% Vegan Vitamin D. Supportive in the prevention of prostate and breast cancer. Globally and socially responsible, we are helping women across the globe empower themselves.

Stop by my Soul Purpose site and find amazing products that will take you on a Journey of Your Senses. Be joyful in the knowledge that your purchase will empower women less fortunate than yourselves to find their Soul Purpose.

Be blessed and Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Daphne Renee Stephens

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