What People Really Mean When They Say I don't Want to Be Rich

Note: This Book Started a Whirlwind in My life

but it Worked out for good. I know now why....


I wonder when is the last time someone looked up in the dictonary

the actual definition of the word "Rich".

I think they would be surprised that the word "Money"

would not be found there...

It baffles me each time someone cancels themselves

out of prosperity by believing what they have heard,

seen or maybe even were taught

subconsciously or consciously about Money,

wealth, Riches etc.

What you argue for you definately get to keep....

So When I denied my gut feeling that told me

there must be something more to LIFE than

what I am doing...

There Must be More than Living PayCheck to Paycheck

I quenched the desire of God To Work through Me

to Express HIMSELF more through me...

I Know that MY worth is not attached to

the things that I acquire but more to what Is

done Through me in service to others.

I wonder if more thought this way

Would they continue to deny that "Inner Voice"?

Ummmm! Something to think about

That You and ME were Created for more than

being a mother, wife, sister, friend etc.

Yes, all of these titles or roles are important

plus the expierence I have gained in each role

has contributed to my purpose in life which

I am deeply grateful for


But your desire to give service to others in a certain way

within a certain field or certain service

Your desire to create Your own Title

that can only be filled by YOU is Golden....

It's like why we each have a different "FingerPrint"


I believe entrepreneurship does this for people

It's the only place where the most "Millionaires Are Created"

One of the reasons for this Is due to the fact

that Entrepreneurs put more Value into

building their "Self Value"...

Again More Service to Others by Increasing

Your Value FIRST..

It sounded great to me but at first I was

Lost in the Maze of "Get Rich in 90 Days"

HYPE like most who think they

will STRIKE it Rich On the Internet...

But that is OKay

What You Don't Know You Don't EVEN KNOW

I wouldn't suggest this is the only way, but a majority of those

who found their niche have excelled into "Riches"

All I did was argue for more time with my family

To have more than what I needed (My God Given Birth Right here on earth)

And to be able to walk in MY divine assignment (I have purpose)

That's it!

And by doing what I love to do instead of doing what I had to do

to keep a roof over my family's head...

my perception about the Word "Rich" changed.

So the next time someone says

No, I don't want to be a Millionaire

No, I just need enough to pay my bills

No, All I need is to vacation once a year

I don't take it personally anymore

I know that they just don't know what

"Rich" means...

And that's Okay

Since there was a time when I didn't know either....

I thought it had to do with MONEY too...

P.S. Look it UP the definition of Riches

let me know your thoughts....

Take Care of Yourself

Lenai Stewart


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Comment by Marlene McCray on April 25, 2010 at 6:07pm
Awesome. I agree with you lady. Rich has a multitude of meanings. It's so true what you say about someone canceling themselves out of prosperity and I am happy you have shared this. Its women like you who makes Compass dynamic.

Marlene McCray, MS
Compass Representative

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