Research Project: Why can't woment get along?

For the whole of my adult life I have had the pleasure of working in environments filled with smart, strong, brilliant and amazing women. These situations have ranged from the mostly female dominated creative & artistic beauty business to tightly ran, male dominate & linear major corporations.

As different as these scenarios have been, the one consistent thing that has inevitably shown up has been the catty, back-stabbing, "tear-her-down" negativity that destroys the Spirit of a woman and keeps us all from TRULY succeeding.

I am currently working on a project that designed to assist women in realizing their Truth and living their lives in such a way that our gifts and talents bring about positive change in the world.

But before we can get to the flowers, we have to deal with the fertilizer.

The question I'm posing to all of you is: Why can't women get along?

Please share your thoughts and ideas on this topic.



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Comment by Tonya K. Freeman on February 5, 2009 at 1:33pm
How many times have I heard this one!? How many times have I said it myself!? I shake my head and continue to do the work that I was born to do, share love with my SiStars especially, for they have been 'laid down for centuries."

There was a time when women were on their monthly moon cycle, they sat together and shared, laughed, talked, tended to one another. That time has long been forgotten but there are those of us who are sharing this work i.e. The Red Tent Temple Movement, my own network WombShamans and various other venues.

There was a time when women danced together, laughing, holding hands, encouraging one another to dance in the most sensual manner which helps with fertility and cramps and a host of other dis-eases.

There was a time when women stood naked together and did not judge one another's body structure but praised the beauty that was visible in the spirit made flesh.

There was a time when women embraced their Goddess Energy, the Divine Femi9, the True Diva within and they knew who they were.

Since the rule of patriarchy, things have changed considerably. Women have become estranged from one another, not trusting one another, not seeing the beauty and the essence of one another but that is changing.

Why can't women get along? Because they have not learned how to truly love themselves first. If I don't love me, how can I love you?

I' want for my SiStar, what I want for myself."

Thanks for asking Frantonia

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