Why Every Successful Woman Should Have Her Portrait Painted

Portraits play a diversity of roles. Many people today want to purchase portraits or have a custom portrait painted of them, a relative or a family member. Some people even have their beloved pets painted. Portraits far outlast photographs and live on for centuries. Portraits capture cherished moments in time such as weddings or special events. Painted portraits have been done of deceased love ones by a family member who want to possess a valued lasting memory of that individual. Owning a painted portrait is something you can be proud of.

Displaying a painted portrait of you is a wonderful conversation piece. I painted a portrait of a young man who chose to hang it over his fireplace in the living room. On a particular occasion he was awaiting the arrival of out of town house guests who got lost. When the guests arrived at the house, not knowing if it was the right house they were able to see his portrait through the living room window and immediately knew that they had arrived at the right house. On another occasion I painted a portrait of a one year own child that was commissioned by the mother. By the time the child reached an age where his friends could visit, the boy would always take them to his portrait and explain that it was of himself when he was one years old. Upon the birth of her second child, a boy also, I was commissioned to paint him as well, the mother not wanting any jealousy to ensue. Later the mother told me that the second son when he first began to speak would walk up to his portrait, point and say his name.

As a portrait artist, I consider each of painting an opportunity to create a work of art that exhibits both beauty and timelessness, a cherished heirloom that will provide pleasure for many generations. I am grateful to have been blessed with a special talent and I am proud to know I can use it to bring joy into the lives of others. Conveying the essence of my client, and respecting the trust that is placed in me are paramount to the success of every portrait.

My challenge, as an artist, is to live up to a standard of excellence. I have carefully studied the old masters as well as numerous accomplished contemporary portrait artists. My clients feel as a result of experiencing the process of having their portraits painted, an enhanced ability to look at and appreciate art. They have a new awareness of the components ever present in all great portraits: unity of composition, a sense of grace, the subtle spark of life in the eyes, the softness of light cascading across forms and textures, a sense of depth and space created by a variety of edges and a convincing representation of the face and anatomy.

When possible, I encourage my clients to pose from life as often as their schedules permit. This allows me to get to know them better. Also, when painting from direct observation I am able to incorporate the subtle nuances of form and color, something that photography alone cannot capture. Usually, and due to technology advances photo references are used if sitting time is not feasible. I have several clients who submit photos that are used entirely for the portrait process.

Every successful woman should consider having her portrait painted. The portrait in itself is a symbol of accomplishment. Historically, portraits have always been painted of kings, queens, doctors, judges and well known political figures. Portraits can be painted to capture the profession or lifestyle of an individual. They can be formal or casual and capture various settings. Today, the portrait is a highly sought after possession by people from all walks of life and professions.

For additional information about the process and to discuss having your portrait painted, please contact me.

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