How often do you get to gather with other people who are passionate about direct sales and MLM, exchange ideas and make plans for BIG results...the outcome is electric! Events that allow you to do this (even if it's a Mastermind or Networking Event) are great for your business.  During this time of the year, you are most likely traveling to your company's Leader Retreat or Leadership Conference to restart or jumpstart your business.
With all the positive energy and excitement in the room, you begin saying to yourself, "I can do this! I can return to my town and share this amazing direct sales or MLM opportunity with others!" The truth is: when you're excited about what you do, your job becomes easier. The buzz gets around that this is the place to be!
But when we look at the reality of it, most of us don’t share our business opportunity because we think we are being too “salesy” or in actuality, “salesy” is exactly how it comes out!
As you talk to others contemplating joining you, here are a few points you can proudly share to create a buzz:
We Care About Each Other
Our business is strengthened by the quality of our relationships with each other and with our customers, Hosts, and fellow Direct Sales or MLM Business Partners. We attract people to our environment because it is fun and filled with positive energy, we retain people because of the relationships we build.  Have you ever approached someone about joining your direct sales or MLM business and received the response, “No, I’m not interested” or “I don’t like sales”.  Well, what exactly is sales?  Sales is sharing a product, service, or idea with someone who needs it or you think will be a great fit for it.  And it’s about educating the benefits of what we do with people we care about.  I hear it time and time again – “people do business with who they like, not necessarily who they know.”  So don’t focus on making a sale, focus on building rapport and developing a relationship.  Ultimately, you don’t know who that person knows who might enjoy what you do.
We influence the World!
Think of all the customers and Hosts you influence! Think of all the lives you change when someone starts her own direct sales or MLM business because you offered her the opportunity. You know, there's never been a better time to move up your company's Career Plan than right now. Grow your team and expand your influence as you THINK BIG in 2011 and build your team!
We Change Lives!
There are many women who desire to spend more time with their family and children. Joining a direct sales company or MLM and making it their full time career will allow them this luxury that people think only the rich and famous can do. Or maybe you were already a stay-at-home mom and you decided to start your own home base business to show your children a positive image of what a successful business person can do and still be a stay-at-home mom.
When we share our business, we use our influence to build solid relationships and help others activate their self-esteem. So remember as you make the most of this month, that your opportunity is special. And so are you!

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