Women often seek out other women to talk to when they're going through difficult times in their lives. Women need both support and encouragement from other women to help them get through these hard times. There are some ways to find other women to talk to during these rough circumstances.Some women already have a close network of female friends or family members. Turning to a trusted friend or close female relative can help women find the support and encouragement they need. However, some women don't have a built-in support system, so they have to look elsewhere to find support and encouragement from another woman.

Women should consider talking to a female coworker who may be understanding and willing to listen. Women may also find support and encouragement from women she works out with at the gym, other moms in her child's playgroup, or the ladies who work at the nail salon she visits. Most women are willing to listen and want to help others. Women should feel comfortable discussing their tough issues with other women because chances are that the other women have gone through similar circumstances. For women who are having a hard time finding other women to talk to, there is another option. Women can consider joining an organization to meet other women.

Some women's organizations, such as the Women’s Connection Network, are for business women, military women, retired women, religious women, and stylish women. Women can join organizations with other women who share her passions and who can offer support and encouragement.

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