For many years I have studied the direct sales industry. And it makes me
laugh every time someone tells me I'm the CEO of my company.
Hellooo...It's not my company!!

I have a few questions to ask you and this will confirm you are not the

Can you change the logo at your free will?

When you signed the contract, were the guidelines and policies something
you put in place?

Why are you addressed as the affiliate, associate, or representative
oppose to Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief
Financial Officer or even President?

Billions of people become reps. of direct sales companies by the
seconds. I actually love the direct sales industry and the system they
have in place. There are so many millionaires and billionaires that were
born from following the systems that were put in place. Just from
duplicating the successful ASSOCIATES before them.

However, it's not your own business!!! You are simply representing
someone else company to help them sell their products or service. You
are assisting the CEO of those companies live their dreams. If you
follow the system, be self motivated, and focused you and also live out
your dreams.

Just a reminder ..... You are not the CEO!

Do you know their are limits? If you wake up tomorrow with a new idea
for a product or service that you believe will take that company to
higher heights, can you just call a meeting with your board of directors
or advisory to have this new big idea implemented in what the company
already has in place? Let me answer that...NO!

Because you are not the CEO!

Do you want to be the CEO? Start your own business.

Become a Business Owner and figure out a way that the company you are
affiliate with product or services and be an enhancement to YOUR

If you do not want to the responsibility of running your own company, no
problem. Just know your position and don't let anyone play mind games
with you.

The other day I was speaking to two very dear friends, who both are in
direct sales. These queens are independent associates. Neither one of
them are active with these companies. They gave me many a few reasons
why they are not active. From listening to them speak, I feel that they
are not active because it does not fall in line with either one of their
purposes. They were not passionate enough to build up their direct
sales business.

One of the queens she is a business consultant. Now to me as a business
consultant her company could benefit from the services that her direct
sales company offered. I recommended she added the services to her line
of services. It gave her company more value.

By the end of the conversation, she really seen how she can take both
companies to another level without being overwhelmed.

As the CEO you can change the rules. You can change the logo.

The purpose of writing this message at 2:30am is just to bring
awareness to those of you who say you are the CEO of someone else direct
sales company.


ShaChena Gibbs

Universal Direct Sales Coach

(website coming soon)

Real Sisters Rising

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Comment by ShaChena Gibbs, Association Exec on February 13, 2010 at 3:51pm
Thank you Shay. It's not for me, its to share and gather information for others.
Comment by ShaChena Gibbs, Association Exec on February 11, 2010 at 11:52pm
Thank you both for responding so positively. And I would like to ask you Shay if you can share with me some of the steps you had to take to get your company up and running on a legal stand point?
Comment by DawnKA on February 11, 2010 at 5:08pm
Absolutely wonderful post! Many, many years ago I once made an attempt to become a part of Mary Kay except I was told that I had to attend meetings, recruit others and other incentive type activities. However, I was turned off. I wanted a car but not a pink or burgundy one that was purchased for me. I knew back then that I would be working for Mary Kay. Now, there is nothing wrong with working for Mary Kay - it's just that it was not my idea of having my own business. However, I do admire and respect the women who are able to make a great living in these types of businesses.

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