Celebrate! There's no one in this universe that is exactly like you. You are unique! Not your personality nor your genes are exactly the same with someone else's. Know and accept thyself, and to thine own self be true!

Identify your limitations and improve your positive areas. Don't force yourself to be someone you are not and cannot be. Don't confuse yourself with the flooding consumer products around you and tailor yourself according to trends or fashion that would alter your personality. What's on trend may not work for you, and may, eventually, make you look and feel funny. More so, it may not last for what's your money's worth. Be careful when you choose to wear trends that do not speak to your soul in pursuit for beauty and gaining attraction. What really matters is that what we wear or use will give us confidence and enhance us. Be the person that is entirely you and responsible enough for your development.

If you notice, fashion is a cycle. So never throw out items that you love even if it means not wearing them for awhile and its taking up your time, money and/or space  keeping them from mice and cockroaches. What you've painfully preserved and kept for a lifetime or so will one day surprise you as it will become fashionable again at some point in the fashion world anyone over 25 knows this is true!. 

The fashion world is periodically experiencing a retro/recycle and there you are with a wardrobe full of original retro/vintage pieces, which you can easily coordinate with what's on the trend and makes you spend less, or nothing at all. All you need is a little imagination and ingenuity. You'll see that each time you wear an old piece it's a revelation and will inspire you for the day. 

Being a fashion style icon is more than just following trends and it doesn't mean you have to be famous either. It's mostly about just being your stylish self, the unique and original you. You can equip your wardrobe through the years with things that best fit your budget and personality, reflect your personality, and speak silently of who you are without being hassled. Trust your intuition as you look at yourself in the mirror.

The truth is, we do not know how we are perceived by others and it doesn't even matter because self confidence is the key!. Definitely, we would like others to see us as beautiful, smart, secure and confident, yet when it comes to qualifying what is seen as beautiful there are unending claims as to what is the definition of beauty! It chnages endlessly in the media and to my mind "Beauty will always remain in the eye of the beholder!". 

When beauty is perceived by the first impression it earns, it is also most often qualified when looked at from the viewers point of view. Idealists who struggles on identifying what is beautiful and what is not usually look at beauty as something that comes from within i.e something innate not just looks!. 

Do you feel that you are not beautiful enough? If you ever do recognize that there is one Supreme Being that gives us inspiration in declaring that all his creation was made perfect!. Yes that's true, you can take it to the bank!

Wake up daily and strive for your own perfection!. There are values we have grown up with that we sometimes forget to apply when situations are presented in front of us. Everyday is a gift and a chance to renew ourselves and exercise the lessons we often overlook. 

First, remember to be honest, courteous, helpful, polite: say please , thank you, and sorry. These are elementary and oftentimes overlooked values that when exercised constantly, work wonders and become second nature. If you find these too basic, just imagine when the same are not done for you. 

Second, smile. Smiling is very powerful. It's proven effective on both the smiler and the smilee. It won't cost you a penny and it works wonders on getting results!, you'll earn friends that smile back at you, enough to make your dayand load lighter. Try it and find out what difference a smile can make. 

Third, listen. It may be to your advantage of learning from the speaker rather than telling others what you know and you won't realize how much comfort you can give to another by just listening to what s/he is letting off. 

Fourth, pay compliment. Ever hear the phrase, "Flattery will get you everywhere!" well it;s true! You will feel secure and confident by giving away a sense of self-confidence and security to others. 

Fifth, work according to the golden rule, "Do unto others as you'd like done unto You!" 
If all of us could abide by this, what a different world we may be living in right now. 

Finally, live according to your budget. I know that it's hard and I struggle with this myself! because we're surrounded by soo much stuff and there's always something new on the market. Try to buy only what is needed amd what you can afford when you wish to upgrade your wardrobe and be truthful, thoughtful about considering clothes, jewelry and accessories. Overspending may rob you of your peaceful nights' sleep and ruin your self-confidence and yiu may not enjoy your purchases, even worse there's the dreaded buyers remorse!.These timeless values will always carry you through earning the appreciation and respect of those around you who really care about you and you may save money too!.

Don't worry about the ups and downs of trends and fashion. Upgrade your wardrobe as far as your budget allows. Just be yourself and surround yourself or find yourself in the company of people you want to be, people who you can learn from, folks you admire. Strive to sport a personality that could bring smiles and laughter, attract positivity, look confident and secure, win friends. Wear a smile to be forever be on trend. You are what fashion is all about. If somehow you feel insufficient, read and research and don't be afraid to ask for help. There are numerous books on self help yourself with and the internet is flooded with useful information which may be just right for you and what you need. 

Achieve a balanced personality with discipline, dedication, determination and persistence. Be aware of choices that may have put you in doubtful circumstances. Take action on the information that best suits your situation. 

Remember that you if you keep doing the same things you'll keep getting the same results. Here's to being yourself no matter what your style is!

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