YourNight.Com - The Hottest New Social Media Company Since Twitter - What Is It?

YourNight is a free social interactive site where you can connect with your friends and family. Similar to Facebook, with better functionality. You can expand the Whiteboard so it is easier to read and reply.

-With your YourNight profile, you can create up to five separate profiles, one for your friends, family, professional associates, a blogging profile, and a dating profile if you chose to do so.

-YourNight is message specific, which means, the unique thing with YourNight is when you create your "What are you doing now?" message, you can send it to only one or all of your 5 five profiles people. This means you can have your message viewed by only your friends, and your family and professional profile people will not see it, which means, better privacy. With Facebook, everyone sees what you write.

-YourNight comes with customizable widgets. With YourNight, you have a page where you can have access to your favorite sites, such as Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, CNN, People, Amazon, Ebay, Target, Bank of America, Wachovia, to name a few.

-YourNight is creating a shopping network where you can purchase products at major retailers at up to 20% off. Major retailers such as Best Buy, Target,, Expedia,, Walmart, and other major retailers, are partnering with YourNight.

-YourNight is a referral social site. You need to be invited by or know someone who is a member of YourNight to create your free profile. This is important, because is sharing in the revenues it receives with its members. YourNight needs to track who you refer, because you can receive additional income, if you chose, based on their buying habits from the shopping site and the Gold Member referral program. You can receive 1% cash back of the total purchase amount of all the people that you refer, when they purchase items through the YourNight website. Cash Back rewards can be increased to up to 2.5% if certain requirements are made.

-With YourNight, you have the option to upgrade to a Gold Member for $10.00 per month, if you chose. (6.80) If you live in the UK. You can always remain as a free member of YourNight and enjoy the entertainment value of being able to socialize with friends and family, if that is your desire. There are many additional cash reward benefits for Gold Members, one of which is, you can receive $2.00 per month of all the people that you refer, with a minimum of five people who upgrade to Gold Member status. Hence, your $10.00 per month membership is paid for by your cash rewards from the $2.00 each you receive for the referrals of the five Gold Members.

-YourNight is also a charitable organization. $0.50 a month from every Gold Membership is transferred to, a not-for-profit sister company to YourNight. The donations are planned to be distributed within the area that they are collected from.

Those are just a few of the major benefits of creating a free profile with YourNight's goal is to become the major social website on the internet. Facebook currently has over 400 million members. If YourNight surpasses that, just imagine the friends you could make, the professional connections you could make, the additional income you could make, and the monetary contributions you could create for the world!

Create your "FREE" profile today.

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