In Broken In Plain Sight by Bridgette L. Collins, the author describes her new book as 'a creative self-help book that includes imagined dialogue and events based on what she has experienced, witnessed, heard, or read about.' But what exactly does that mean? It means the author has used healthy living tips (mind, body, and soul) as a base from which to create a fictional, highly imaginative, and exciting story of healing and healthy living through truth, healing, and love. The novel-like feel works marvelously to illustrate the underlying reasons for unhealthy lifestyle habits and offers practical and innovative solutions for living healthier.

Bridgette's candid descriptions of how a family is destroyed by years of poverty causing a spiral of hurt, neglect, incest, physical abuse, and betrayal will have readers clinching their seats. This tear dropper begins when fitness coach, Trevor MacElroy reluctantly has dinner with his Uncle Bert, a successful and influential businessman and state representative in Texas. His uncle wants to discuss his regret over the family's self-destruction and he solicits Trevor's help to turn around their lives. Trevor utilizes his life coaching experience to push his cousins into a self-developing and healing program educating readers on the importance of overcoming years of hurt mind, body, and spirit.

Throughout the book, Bridgette charts an unspoken perspective, and an all-too-common trajectory from unhealthy lifestyles, casting crucial light on why individuals have difficulty implementing and sustaining healthy lifestyle habits. The author has obviously done an exceptional amount of research. Her style is detailed and meticulous. This might sound slow-going, but it isn't. Once she has set the scene in the early chapters, there's no stopping it.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Bridgette Collins is a fitness coach and inspirational speaker. Her experience in the area of health and fitness shines through her new book, lending genuineness and interest.

Bridgette's new book is available at,, and everywhere books are sold. And ebooks like Kindle and Nook too!

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