Father and Son-Kamal Imani*This Love Is Surreal

Father and Son This Love Is Surreal! c2011 Kamal Imani

In triple darkness, rotating in the womb
getting ready to bless our lives soon
I'm meditating in the hospital room
Awaiting a bundle of love to come soon
I thought I knew what love was
a so I thought
It's a joy that can't be bought
It's a definition that can't be taught
On the beach I had to take a long walk
and give thanks to the Father
and your mother
for giving me the chance
to discover
another level of love previously concealed
I still can't believe it
It's so surreal.

This love is surreal

You bring pure love with your smile your hugs
and curious to know what we're thinking of
curious to know what the worlds about
and I'm more than happy to help you out
Now you're doing good in school and that's what's cool
mastering the thing science called the golden rule
You play gymnastics, soccer and Tae Kwon Do
You're still my lil man but already a pro
I just want you to know
that Mommy and Daddy love you forever more.
You're presence is magical that's how we feel
We still saying to ourselves don't this feel surreal?

This love is surreal

I want my knowledge to reach you
as an elder I'll teach you
about money power respect and education
initiative self motivation
getting closer to God in a tight situation
The importance of prayer and meditation
setting goals creative visualization
be true to yourself to God alone you must kneel
and I love you forever in a love that's surreal.

To My Sun Sani.
Love Daddy!

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Comment by Yolanda Whyte, MD on April 3, 2011 at 10:32pm

Truly endearing!

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