I like to know because I've been in black business and they played Rap Music real loud and I'm not in a music store?

Why most black restarant always serve fried food, like Chicken, Pork Chops, and fried Fish; blacks like to eat healthy too?

Why there no manager runing the Black business stores?

Why black clubs don't survive, Grand Open Grand Close?

You-Tube you tell me?

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Comment by melissa.danielle on March 23, 2010 at 1:51am
Why don't black people support black businesses?
Integration and crabs in a barrel mentality.

Why don't black businesses survive?
Poor business model, lack of sufficient capital, unwillingness to engage in cooperative economics, inconsistency with services/products being offered, lack of professionalism, being too much to too many people, underpricing, not setting goals/milestones, unable to see the big picture, poor time management skills, uneducated about marketing, not setting boundaries with friends/family, low self-worth, catering only to black people.

These are just some of what I have experienced and observed as both a customer and an entrepreneur.

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