Statistics show that more than half of all Americans dislike their jobs. And with the economy in a slump, now may be as good a time as any to consider kissing your job goodbye.

"Why not?," says Stacey Smith, Phoenix-based career coach and author of Lipstick Ghetto: The Girls' Guide To Escaping the 9-to-5 Rat Race. She adds, "Employers are looking for ways to cut costs. So if you can negotiate becoming an independent contractor, it's a win-win. You get your first client and your employer saves money on benefits."

But how do you know it's time to quit your job? Smith offers these 10 signs that it's time to jump ship:

1. You're going in late and leaving early.
2. You're using more sick time than you need to.
3. You've become angry/resentful towards co-workers or your boss for no apparent reason.
4. You're bored out of your mind.
5. You have recurring and unexplained physical ailments (headaches, digestive disturbances, etc.)
6. You dread Monday mornings. It's hard to get out of bed.
7. There's little or no room for advancement.
8. You feel the need to overindulge (spending, eating, alcohol) as a reward for going to your job.
9. You think about or have done things to get fired.
10. You drive your friends, family and co-workers crazy talking about how much you hate your job.

Whatever you do, be sure to plan and develop a well-thought out exit strategy to ensure your success after you leave your 9-to-5. Every year thousands do it. Why not you?

"Just take some time to imagine the worst-case scenario. Then develop contingencies around that scenario. You're only as free as the number of options you have at your disposal." Smith says.

About Stacey Smith:
Stacey Smith is a Phoenix-based Career Coach and author of Lipstick Ghetto: The Girls' Guide to Escaping the 9-to-5 Rat Race. She's also been featured as a career expert on The Wall Street Journal Online and The Arizona Republic.

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Can't imagiine, how many times, I"ve had these exact thoughts. This is not good.
Thank You!
Dear Stacey:

You've definitely hit the nail on the head as far as the 10 Signs It's Time to Quit Yout Job.

I think you make a key point as far as trying to negotiate to become an independent contractor with your company versus quitting outright with no captured client.

Due to a business unit relocation, I chose to start my own business almost immediately after leaving the company I had been with very successfully for 25 years.. I had been doing a "business on the side" basically as a hobby.

What I tell new entrepreneurs, no matter how hard you have worked at your company or no matter how bored you have been, without a solid plan of action and customers lined up as soon as you start your own business, you're going to be in for a rude awakening. Starting, running and maintaining a business is way more hard than most people realize, although as I say, some hit the "sweet spot" right away.

So often we see the end result of the successful person without fully realizing what they went through and often sacrificed to get there.

Starting a business is not something you do on whim or just because you're unhappy with your present job, in my opinion, especially in this economy -- UNLESS you have all the resources in place to make your business a success. You won't achieve and maintain success by chance.

Good thought-provoking topic!

Paula Quick
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