Hello my Writer friend,

Most of you know I'm a no-nonsense marketer, and
am seldom impressed with Internet promises. Most are
not what they present. You know what I mean!!

But a few weeks ago, I got the buzz about a website.
Well more than a website, actually a home for writers,
called New Image Writers.

I was also given the news that a this home for writers
was built and readied for occupancy

When I went to visit the home, I got to see what all the buzz was about.
I immediately placed my reservation to be invited to hang out there. I was
also compelled to share it with you. I know the
struggle writers have trying to get their book known
and make a livable income from their work.

This new home for writer is going to put a form to many
writer dreams. Any writer who needs to earn money from
his work while writing your Great American Novel is going
to find this powerful technique to be a must. It works fast
with almost no effort. I am a business consultant and it
works for all my writing needs..

When money is short, this really is great! The unique new
marketing strategy is definitely and undisputably a
"Think-Out-of-the-Box" approach.

A special teleconference has been established just for
this announcement.

Whatever you have to do be on this call. There are
only 150 spots open and I know they will fill fast!!

Get ready for open house on Thursday, march 6,
2008. 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

Email -


I want to be a Successful Writer, reserve my spot!

Thank you,
Rickey Johnson

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