What do you think is one thing every new internet entrepreneur wants to know? Post your comment. I'll check comments periodically and send free eBooks to random responders. Hope you get an eBook - lh.

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woo hoo I'm the first. hope I get an e-book.

Ok, so being a new internet marketer (just 1 1/2 years), I'd have to say that every new internet marketer wants to know how to get traffic to their website. After all, how will you sell products/services if people don't know you exist!

I agree with Michelle. My enterprise just started 3 weeks ago, so I am working hard to get people to check out my site. I am utilizing my current network, but looking for ways to increase my exposure to new people.

I think that every new internet entrepreneur wants to know is, How to attract customers/clients to their website and get them to purchase/use their product/service?
One thing every new internet entrepreneur wants to know is "How do I get started? What do I do now?"
LaShanda I believe that every internet entrepreneur new and old wants tips to drive traffic to their site online and off and for the customer to continue to purchase beyond that first time. I also believe context is important you want to know how to grab the attention of the viewer to turn them into a customer. You only have a few seconds to accomplish this.
I think most entrepreneur wants to know how to start and what benifits are available.
I think every new Internet entrepreneur want to know how to attract clients/customers attenion.

I think the one thing every new internet entrepreneur wants to know is to how to identifiy an expert (or business mentor) in the field of their business who can help them to pinpoint all the resources available to their specific internet business. Having an expert would enable them to become more knowledegable about the laws and specifics about their industry. I recently started my own business. I am in the development stages of the business - creating the business plan. I have contacted several entrepreneurs who have given bits of advice here and there. I still have lots of questions unanswered. I have yet to establish a connection with someone in the industry who can answer all my questions.
You might want to find a volunteer retired business counselor at These folks volunteer their time for free to help aspiring, new and existing business owners.
How to get people to thier website.
I think every internet entrepreneur needs to know how to turn the lookey-loo's (the people who are "just looking") from browsing to buying. I know you asked for one question, but I'll give you two. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to do credible article marketing -- like have a quote in article or something like that.
How to market their business online.


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