I know many of us have blogs for our business and have the hopes of generating traffic and increasing exposure for our business. At the same time, there are still a lot of us who are trying to blog to promote a business but not having much success.


For me, I find that producing regular posts on topics my readers want helps to drive traffic to my blog. I also generate a large amount of traffic from posting my content in the Facebook groups I belong to.


So my question is, Are You Generating Traffic with Your Blog and if so, please share what it is you are doing to obtain success.


If you have not yet set up your blog for your business, you really need to get on it! Blogging is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to quickly market your business online.


If you would like to start blogging for your business but want help, find out how I can help you get started. You can also learn how to do it yourself and get started blogging for business the right way.


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My blog has had over 3,000 people come to it.This did not start happening until I became consistent. So I set up a schedule, announced the schedule and I consistently post on those days. People know what and when I'm going to post and anything else is a bonus.


I can also you my blog as command central, since i can post to twitter, facebook and google buzz which also bring people to my site with a click of the mouse.


I am getting sales from it for my sell sites. I now have to put up a website so I can capture the people who are going to my sell sites.


That's great Michelle, I noticed the same thing once I started blogging on a regular basis and made it my central hub too!

I am clueless with the blogging.  I am on blogger but no one visits.  How do you get people to view your blog?  How do a person follow your bloggs?  Or how do I follow other bloggers?


Peace and Blessings

Hi Tracie...getting started with blogging can be somewhat intimidating until you get the hang of it. You can follow other peoples blogs by clicking on the 'follow' button if they have them, or subscribe to their blog by email or in a reader. That way when they post new content, it will come directly to your email.


I recently wrote a post sharing tips on how to get started, you can read it here: How to Get Started Blogging for Business


Hope it helps, inbox me if you have more questions!

Thank you

I am finally getting the hang of this  thing called blogging.  I have been blogging regularly now and I'm starting to see a traffic boost and  it does help me when i consistently blog about stuff my audience is interested in.  I also post my blog post in my various groups, but what i'm finding out is that if you are all over the place and your post are not reaching your niche, you are going around in circles, so I'm starting today to post more in my niche groups, where I can find people who are interested in what I have to say and sell.  


Because one thing I have found out is that no one will buy from you if they don't know you or if you can't sell what you say!  I'm learning as I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can somebody please tell me how I would be able to increase traffic to my facebook, youtube and twitter page?



Hi Traci,

To increase traffic when just starting will take some work on your part. When I started my fan page, I had a decent following from my blog but spent time each day for weeks, personally inviting people to my page. I also made sure that I was providing valuable content and resources to keep them interested and encouraged them to share with their friends as well. Being consistent with giving content my fans enjoy and being actively involved is what has sustained my page and allows it to continue to grow with little effort on my part.

Same goes for YouTube, provide the content your audience wants and spread the word consistently. Twitter takes time to grow as well because you have to do the work first, following people interested in what you offer or can provide for them and engage and interact.

Set time each day to spend building on these platforms and soon you will see regular growth.

Wow, I try so hard but it seems as if I'm not going anywhere.  Everyday I struggle with this.  I'm getting a little discouraged.  Thanks for your advice.  I guess I just have to keep on trying.


Peace & Blessings

Hi traci, at the very beginning, it will take a lot of hard work, because like you, I had the same exact question. why is no one coming or subscribing to my blog, why are they not subscribing to my youtube channel.  Well, I found that one of my mistakes that I was making was I was posting too much about my products and not enough value. People have to feel like they are going to gain something from reading your blogs or following you on facebook, and twitter.  Now, on facebook, I would start becoming fans of people already in your field of expertise, and answer questions and respond to their blog post.  That's generally how you increase exposure to yourself without seeming pushing,. Basically, just network with others and start to build a strong and genuine relationship. But, most importantly, just be authentic because people can pick up on fakeness quickly.


Let me know if you need anymore help.  Best wishes to you and your business!

Riiiiiight.  So how do I market without pushing myself on them?  What else do I suppose to talk about?  I kinda felt like I was tbeing oo pushy with my advertising.


Peace & Blessings

You can market without advertising. Share tips, articles videos and useful information people can benefit from about your industry. You have natural products...write articles about the benefits of using "X" product or do a video about how to use "X" product. I agree with LaTersa, join groups and pages on Facebook about natural products to connect with others, also to learn how others in your industry market their business and services ( is one of my favorites. Ask questions and "listen & learn" what your target market wants then give it to them.

I understand your frustration, but stick with it, it takes time...lots of time to gain momentum but once you gets easier. You'll always be trying and tweaking things to see what works...we all go through this. Just don't give up!!!


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