I am currently building the BBWO Radio Show Directory (click here to view). Though I personally am more of a type than a speaker, quite a few BBWO members have their own business radio shows, teleseminar conferences, etc. So I wanted to remind those who have talk shows or are interested in listening to shows hosted by BBWO members to post your links here.

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Nice...can I learn more?

For interactive and dynamic small business dialogue, join Simplicity Mastered™ Founder and CEO, A.Michelle Blakeley and her co-host panel of 4 intriguing women entrepeneurs (Barbara Lopez, Deena Pierott, Sylvia Browder and Pat Weber) as they become the ultimate source for small business information AND inspiration for women entrepreneurs. What is the real power behind women entrepreneurs? There is power in being a woman entrepreneur. There is even more power in the collaborations that are formed among women business owners. Whether your product or service is exclusively for women or not, you simply cannot deny the intrinsic inclination to support each other and champion each other’s cause. Why not use that to our advantage? The real power in women entrepreneurs lies in our ability to connect, support and encourage each other straight to the top! The show airs the 3rd Monday of each month at 3 pm(PST). MARK YOUR CALENDAR!
Thank you for this opportunity. My radio show is entitled, "Walking Through The Scriptures With Patricia" found at It airs live on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. CST.
I have a show on Blog Talk Radio entitled, Females With A Mission. The show encourages women to chase after their dreams and fullfill their true passion.

As adults how do we see ourselves is very important. I will use different types of communication to get you to see yourself from the negative to the positive side of who you are and to allow you to follow your dreams. Move out of your comfort zone and face your fears. Empower yourself!! Catch me on / chocolateladi64 Every Thursday @ 8pm.
Dr. Jewel Pookrum of the JEWEL Network/ Preventative Medicine Physician and hygenist

I have a show titled Money and Marriage Xposed which provides The 4-1-1 on Money and Marriage. The good, the bad and the ugly. It airs every Tuesday at 8pm EST on Blogtalkradio for one hour. I invite members to subscribe at , leave comments and listen. Have had some great guests talking about infidelity, widow and finances, forgiveness, what it takes to make a marriage work in 2010 and much more.
Ladies BIG NEWS ... I am working on the new BBWO Radio Directory - click here to review and/or be one of the first to submit your radio show for inclusion. -lh

Hi ladies!  I have a BlogTalk Radio show called "Flyy, Female & Fabulous." The show features women who are just that: Flyy, Female & Fabulous! These are women who are pursing their goals, following their dreams, being the best women they can be and living life to its fullest.

The first and third Thursday of each month, I talk with a flyy and fabulous female about what she has going on in her world! You can check it out here.

Good News Ladies: Now you can add your radio shows / audio downloads to BBWO via our new BBWO Radio player. You have your own player on your profile page AND you can now submit audios for featured inclusion in the main Radio player featured on ALL pages of the BBWO Network. This is a great space to repost your blogtalkradio replays, telecalls, audio sessions, reviews, book previews, music tracks and more. More details and other BBWO updates here.

The Midday Money Show airs every Thursday @ 11:30 am CT. We discuss all types of personal finance matters and have a bit of fun in the process.


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