If you are under five foot and four inches, you are categorized as a petite person. This means that you are smaller in frame and that your arms and legs tend to be shorter than the average sized persons. Learn how to shop for petite clothing, and how to wear it, in order to make the most of your wardrobe and your stature. I'm also a member of the club and its tricky, you want to look like a grown up not a teenager and you also dont want to be way over dressed for your small frame so check out this 5 tips.

1. Look for proportional clothes. Don't settle for jackets that are too long in the sleeves or make your shoulders look big. Let tops land where they're supposed to, preferably at waist level. Purchase structured clothes or clothes with seaming at the waist to emphasize your waist.

2. Find a good tailor so your clothes fit your body shape. Many petite people need not only their pants hemmed, but the sleeves of their tops and jackets taken up as well.

3. Show off your legs. Choose skirts that hit above the knee to make your legs look longer. Avoid calf-length or ankle-length skirts that make you look shorter than you are. Mini-skirts are okay, depending on your age, your comfort level and your body shape.

4. Purchase straight-legged pants. Tapered pants look awful no matter what your body type is, and boot cut or flared pants make petite women look shorter than they are. Get your pants properly hemmed so the hems brush the tops of your shoes.

5. Consider buying pointy-toed shoes, or avoid shoes with a squared toe. These make the leg look shorter than pointy-toed shoes. If you're comfortable, wear shoes with at least a 2-inch heel.

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It is challenging sometimes to find clothes that fit to perfection. Liz Claiborne clothes usually fit me. I am a size 4 and shop at petite sophicate and ann taylor for my business wear and suits.

Thanks for the tip!



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