Flip The Love Tonight

Hey female readers, this blog post is especial for you today. Let’s call it FLIP THE LOVE. What that means is…let’s do to and for our men what we always want them to do for us. As women, we sometimes find ourselves complaining about what our men NEVER does for us. Complaining get’s us nowhere. We gotta take action. Understanding that sometime men may really have no clue as to how to please us. With that in mind, let’s show them by example tonight. Here’s a suggestion.

“First, have you ever smelled a cologne for men and it smelled so damn good that you wished the same scent was made for women too”???

Girls now listen, go put on a hint of your favorite cologne he wears ( my fav is him in ARMANI CODE) just a hint not to strong!!! Set up a date with all plans necessary or plan a night in with just the two of you. Cater to his every need and desire, perhaps cook for him, feed him, speak soft and sentual to him, wear something HE loves you in, put your hair down, relax, make this a night he won’t soon forget. If this will be a night on the town…then you drive. Take charge. Your man really may need to take a load off to relieve stress anyway.

Ya see ladies, sometimes men want to be appreciated too. They may come off like they DON’T care for the mushy stuff, but they in fact love every minute of it. If you take the time to do this for YOUR man, I promise it will be the kind of karma that is well worth the returns. Use your greatest imagination with this while using CATERING TO YOUR MAN TO FLIP THE LOVE as KEY!!!

Share feedback on how it went for ya


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