Spending most of my time at my 9to5 is taking away from  my
 main focus and goals. Many business opportunities has open up for
 me, which will help my business grow. my goal is to focus 100% on my
Business. I have the support that I need to do so. Please Give me advice
On transitioning  into your focused career.  

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You have to make the time. It helps to have a use a calendar to schedule time you can work your business. Start with writing in your 9-5 hours, appointments, etc. and then see where you can add in time to build your business.

It can be challenging in the beginning, but think about the outcome. Your commitment to growing your business will eventually allow you to leave that 9-5!

visual, write your plans in a book, cross them off one by one, and the more you do,the better #BBWO you will become, i'm still a #rookie with a lot of hit and misses enjoying every minute, great luck, 1love,tatia bradley


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