Hey Guys I didnt forget about you as of now there are 3 male members here some fashion tips.

Yes You have must have items too!!

1. A Blazer: My Brothers this should be a staple in your wardrobe you should have 2 blazers but if you don’t have two you must get a great Blazer, a must color try Black or Navy and for the second Neutral Brown or Tan. A blazer purchase is a smart buy and even if you have a casual dress code for work the average guy should have a least 1 smart blazer.

2. The Business Suit: My Brothers you should also have a power suit in your closet for business meetings interviews etc. An up to date business suit is so important when purchasing a suit guys don’t go to trendy as you may know skinny jeans are in but I advise you to go more modern a clean straight leg suit will go a long way.

3. 100% Cotton Dress Shirts: Guys Now you know I could not leave out the classic white shirt. The plus of having a button down clean white 100% cotton is, you can where this shirt with the must have blazer with no tie or the power suit with a tie see the flexibility it can give you!!

4. Invest in cufflinks: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this item unless you really want to there are a lot of great places to get bargains Burlington Coat Factory is one. If you shop smart and go with a polished silver or pewter or maybe even two-tone color this can really pull your power suit together.

5. A pair of Kakis: This is also a must with your great blazer you can go a long way with a pair of beige or blue Kakis again for the style make the straight clean fit no pleats is the safest way for most body types.

6. Don’t forget a great pair of jeans: Come on guys even you need a great pair of jeans again try not to go to tready. Look for clean lines and a straight leg.

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Great!!! Yes, sweet fellows and let 's not forget those great ties that make a statement and those pull over sweaters you received over the Holidays. Be sure to wrap in that long wood coat. Every gentleman needs that trench coat and pull the collar up it makes you look manly and professional at the same time. All you fellows who have that short leather jacket be sure to bring it alive with that skull hat, scarf and glove match up. Enough for now. We will rap more in details later. Be blessed.
Happy New years to all of you.


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