Its it a good idea to envolve friends to help you establish a successful business if they lack motivation?

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Thanks Larie, I've been down that road before. I agree with the comments saying it's not a good idea. My nature is to balance the "no" with saving the other parts of the relationship that are good.  I see everyone I meet as having a particular role and gift in my life, and I for them. :)

I don't think it's a good idea. I've been there and tried that. It doesn't work. If the person is only getting involved to help you out they tend to feel like they're doing you a favorite. But if the person is equally involved and a true partner, then that's different. Friends and family I try not to work with.

First let me ask, does this friend lack motivation in general or just for supporting your business? Sometime we want our friends to have the same passion for something we have. Sometimes they just don't or cant and it should be OK.  We should not involved them. I've learned this the hard way

In general I've learned that friends and business don't mix.  You can become friends with a business partner but doing with business with a friend isn't easy.  They REALLY have to want and have the same goals as you.

No.  You want to surround your business with people of like minds.  Just because two people are friends doesn't mean that they automatically have the same mind in ALL things. 

I agree and had experience with this. You want to see your friends do well and be successful. However, not be motivated on their end will bring you do down.


in most cases it is even very difficult toenvolve a friend with GREAT motivation in a business. it also is in most cases difficult to start a business with a friend. and in many cases the friendship breaks apart and so do the business.

and it also is difficult to just hire a friend too. most people do not see the difference between WORKINGtime and FRIENDSHIPtime

i hired serveral times friends and in 99% it went down hill.

i hired ONE friend after a few years later again. THAT where the ONLY one what worked in TWENTY years!

stay away from friendship mixing up with business. and special if it is YOUR business baby!


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