Hello Everyone, as you can see on my page I am on my way to becoming a business owner.
I just want to know how everyone got there start on opening their business. I find it so hard to get financing with me being so young. It seems like no one wants to help me out. I have experience in my field I just need some guidance. I am not looking for a handout, just a push.

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You GOOO my Sistah! There are tons of ways new business owners get financing-some good and some not so good. All of my businesses over the decades have always been preestablished ones before I even started so unlike yourself, I never began anything from "scratch" except maybe a cake recipe! (big smile) Mary Kay Ash began Mary Kay Cosmetics way back in 1963 with a $5,000 loan from her son. Her accountants and lawyers told her she was absolutely crazy but with her son's capital and a few close friends that truly believed in and supported her she began a business that's multi-billion in scope today! Wooo hooo!!! Jan Day founder of Jafra Cosmetics Int'l began her company in 1956 with an investment from her husbannd Frank. Jafra-the "queen bee" of royal jelly is still doing well after all of these decades! Wow! Lady Nadine Abraham Thompson former CEO of Warm Spirit is today the Founder, President, & CEO of Soul Purpose who built her new company from scratch (much like yourself) and financed it with the support of loyal, loving, friendships. One of these avenues may be the perfect fit for you. Keep us posted Marquita on everything you're doing. We're all here to support you Sis. Cha-ching$! Diane in NYC-For Every Home Independant Consultant #1000448
Thank You for your advice and support.
Hi, Marquita,

I saw your post regarding new to business. I realize it is very hard to start when you have so many things pulling at you.

Where are you starting from? Can you run it out of your home? I have had many friends run a serious hair business out of their homes (basement, living room, etc..

If you have already done that and want to move to the next level, this is a serious jump. Is there a place where you can rent a booth or a portion of an already established salon? That is a start w/o investing so much into your own brick-and-mortar place with all those expenses.

Also, have you thought of having a partner? Someone who would complement your skills and could share expenses and customers? A partner could be just a financial partner who helps with start-up costs for a percentage of profits (put all this in writing! So many scammers out there and this way, both parties are protected).

Those are the ideas I have right now. Let 's continue to keep in touch, and let me know how you are doing. BTW, what is the name of your salon?
Well right now I am the manager of a Salon in Chicago. I am in the process of partnering with this girl I know. Right now we are in the process of trying to get sponsors and funding. I will surely keep in touch. Thanks
Hi. Marquita! What kind of business are you trying to start up??
A salon
I was in the same place as you are and I am am so much older than you so i started with a company with a good product and low start up. I plan to save money I make and use that to start another business, if you would like more info check out my website and see what you think:
I seen from your profile that you're wanting to open salon. This is a venture that definitely needs a nice amount of start up money. I think checking with the Small Business Association would be a good idea. Look at some of the programs they have and really research the site to see what they have to offer you. As a matter of fact I'm going to take my own advice and check out , since Obama is President its said that there's more help for small business owners.

Miss Sweet
Logo Graphic Designer
Thank you for the advice. I looked online at the SBA and they don't give grants to startup businesses, they only give them to existing businesses. Thanks so much for the advice.
Yes, starting out can have its challenges, but stay focus and never give up. Networking is a great start! I learned from my beginnings that I had to invest in myself before anyone else will. What is your marketing strategy?
Well my marketing strategy involves buying a database from a company and doing mass marketing online, as well as doing different events at the salon, and getting involved with women in homeless shelters.
Hey Marquita: I am the business expert on BBWO and some of the things to consider no matter what business you start is that you need to solve a problem. The challenge with getting funding may have nothing to do with your age but the fact that the business is not unique enough or it is not servicing a specific challenge.

As someone that invests in businesses, I look to see how much of an investment the owner has made. Start saving your money and look for opportunities to joint venture with an existing business to reduce your start up costs.

Good luck@



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