A picture-of a lover, a friend, a child, a pet, your husband, wife, mother or father. An image of the whole family, or somebody who is gone but not forgotten. A reunion, anniversary, birthday, a great moment at the office! These fond portraits are the hallmark of handbags and accessories by GINA ALEXANDER.

This L.A.-based designer has created a line of handbags and other kinds of accessories that allow the customer to design these unique pieces with their personal photos, mementos that travel with you each day, reminding you of the people, places and things you love! A GINA ALEXANDER Photo Bag is a lot of fun and an absolutely necessary accessory. With Christmas coming, the options are endless!

GINA ALEXANDER runs her business with the help of her husband Richard and her cousin Alexander Aquino, who oversee the various lines available through the company: Handbags, Men's, Baby, and more. Most recently, via a licensing deal with Janie Hendrix (the sister of Jimi Hendrix), GINA ALEXANDER has created a line of Jimi Hendrix photo bags (both leather and fabric) and limited-edition, numbered leather jackets with rarely-before-seen images of the musician taken onstage at concerts like Winterland in 1968, Waikiki in 1969 and Arco - Sacramento in 1970 by well-known rock photographer Robert M. Knight.

This new Collection, just recently introduced, has already garnered the attention of fine stores such as Incognito- Michigan, Polite Society-Seattle and Gerard Marti Galleries-Maui, which will carry these distinctive accessories.

Every GINA ALEXANDER Photo Bag, and all her accessories, is made from the finest materials, hand-crafted, beautiful and lasting. Gorgeous on their own, the bags are even more dear when decorated with your own personal touch, your MIP-Most-Important Photo.

GINA ALEXANDER is a fashion veteran, having studied in Europe, apprenticing with LA-based fashion houses, and finally, opening her own kiosks stores at the Hollywood & Highland Retail complex and The Grove. Now, with a growing company, ALEXANDER's Photo Bags have been sold through Nordstrom, ICE Accessories and Saks Inc. department stores and can currently be found on partnered retail locations such as, 40+ boutiques nationwide and over 600 professional photography studios worldwide. A recent appearance of GINA with her Photo Bags on the Home Shopping Network, (available in 87 million homes) was a huge success, selling out in record time.

GINA's handbags have appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, and the designer was interviewed numerous times by OPRAH! Media about GINA ALEXANDER and her Photo Bags has appeared in: ELLE, PEOPLE MAGAZINE and US MAGAZINE, to name a few.

GINA ALEXANDER works consistently with many celebrities creating their dream Photo Bags, including: Faith Hill, Kelly Ripa, The Black-Eyed Peas, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Alicia Keys, Usher, Slash, Joss Stone Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Latifah, and more.

GINA ALEXANDER donates annually a portion of every handbag sold to the charity HOPE FOR CHILDREN, committed to assisting families interested in adoption without the financial means to accomplish it. She is also and active member on the board of the philanthropy.

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