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Things we are told


Experiences we have had

Growing up

Make us who we are?

Every person on earth is a unique person.  No two people are the same.  We all look different, we all think different and we all process the things that happen in our life different.  I believe everyone has some sort of concept that your past helps contribute to the person you become, however I am not sure everyone realizes to what degree that statement is true.  I believe the things we are told and the experiences we have, growing up can make us or break us.  We are all unique creations of God and therefore, it is unfair to judge anyone for who they are. 

 Have you ever thought how two people can grow up in a certain situation and yet grow up to be totally different?  Have you ever noticed that even identical twins are different in many ways?  Two children who grew up in the same home with the same type of love and experiences will grow up and have totally different memories of their childhood.

To think of this is a miracle, however it is also very sad.  I say it is sad because although, we all want to be recognized for the person we are, we tend to judge others for who they are or are not.  We judge without knowing the things there were told or the experiences they had growing up.  Maybe if we took time to realize this, we could be more understanding of other’s situations.  Think about your own life and the things that have affected you.  Some of the words spoken or actions taken you may not even realize had such an impact on the way you think or react to certain situations today.  It may have been a negative word spoken to you as a young child that was reinforced as the years went by.  It may have been a certain action that happened, maybe you didn’t know all the circumstances and therefore saw that action as something other than what it was.  Your mind has processed these words and/or actions and has been reinforced by similar words or actions throughout the years…Now your heart feels the pain when the something triggers that deep rooted emotion that has grown with you as you have grown.  If those emotions were built over time due to something that someone else was responsible for, you may be trying to resolve the emotions you carry without even realizing it.  You may be looking for someone else to help you heal from the hurt you have carried for so long.  Until you can look into yourself to see where the hurt began, you may not ever  be able to resolve it.  Just as it is unfair for others to judge you for the person you have become, it is unfair for us to judge others due to the pain we keep within ourselves.   In most cases it is our pain and we try to make it theirs by holding them accountable for the actions or words that they say that in turn cause us pain.  In reality it is our pain and our decision to hold onto that pain.


We hold onto pain and hurt

In our minds and heart

To make us the people we are now?

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