I own a very succesful and profitable business, but as I look around BBWO and read the forums, amidst all the boosterism and frenetic activity there is little thought about the costs of trying to get a business off the ground - a business which will never be viable. Not every person was cut out to be an entrepreneur. In my own experience, here are some characteristics of a true entrepreneur.


1 True entrepreneurs are creators. They are not out there flogging someone else's concept. As an example, think of Warm Spirit skin care products. The creators of this business made lots of $$$, mostly by signing up hundreds of Black women as salespeople for Warm Spirit products. In this situation, the entrepreneurs were the product creators. not the independent saleswomen who were simply selling someone else's product.


2. True entrepreneurs did not wait until a recession to create a business. There is a difference between having an unquenchable drive to start a business, and starting a business simply because one is suddenly umemployed and needs revenue.


3. You won't find successful entrepreneurs hanging around social networking sites. I don't have a facebook account, I don't belong to twitter, or bebo, or those other social networks. Who has the time when you are running a profitable company?


If U.S statistics are any indication, about 5% of members here will ultimately operate a successful business. The other 95% will still be working at their day jobs. It's important to take a really close look at your business model. If you are spending all your free time trying to sell someone else's product, then you are probably not going to become financially independent. If you are starting a business simply because nobody is responding to your job application, then you may never be a successful businesswoman because entrpreneurial drive is not situation dependent. If you spend more time on social networks than actually running your business you are definitely not for real. A student won't pass their algebra exams by logging for hours onto facebook, and business owners won't become profitable by spending hours on social networks, no matter what their intended purpose.


warm regards,


Denise van Esche


OMR Security Group


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Thank you Denise,

I appreciate that you are willing to take the time out to share some suggestions with the group,


I will be posting some valuable business tips in just a few days. Thank you so much for your patience.

warm regards,

Denise van Esche
As a new ENTREPRENEUR, I found this post to be very interesting..from the post to the reply's. WOW, great minds have so many different avenues of success. I guess that's why everyone is unique in there own way and your businesses have grown from your own strengths. Thank God, for true growth.


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