I've been in business for awhile with my publishing company and 3 books under my brand.  I now have a production company in which I'm producing my first stage play, The Virgin Mary Monologues.  Both companies are hanging on by a thread but I see the potential, if I had the resources to market and promote.  With my forth book almost ready for print, how can I go to the next level without a publicist?  I want to get the word out to as many outlets as possible but can't afford a publicist just yet.

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Are you utilizing your social networks to the fullest? If not, do it now..its free; time consuming but free. I know a great VA that works well with small business owners and authors/writers to help market their businesses.

Great question!


I don't have a pr person but I've been able to get new clients and even interviews from Essence and Black Enterprise because my blog is popular, I do a ton of youtube videos, I use twitter and Facebook to build a brand following and then people tweet about my stuff and that all helps because PR people are there to get you in the face of the people as well as connected to media outlets like Magazines, Radio, and TV shows... this is all stuff you can do yourself if you are willing to take the time to do it.


These same magazines and media spaces are blogging, tweeting, on Facebook and youtube. They are watching me, I know this because they tell me. And you need to know this too... because if you get into social media ... follow the media outlets you want to follow you ... bring solid attention to yourself and they will ... don't wait for PR to find you ... work on building your buzz... start blogging and doing videos. Go to blogs and ask for interviews or guest posts...


There are a ton of women on BBWO with blogtalkradio shows -- search for them, introduce yourself, and start making connections.


On that note I have to resources via my blog that might interest you (click here) and also (click here). Good luck.

I'd be happy to help. I coach...and have tons of resources free. See attached "links" to go get 'em. Podcasts, blogs, mp3s, reports, videos..........tons. Been doing this awhile. Did PR for TD Jakes and Secret Life of Bees...blah, blah. :)
Thanks Pam.  I just wanted to let you know that I did connect with your website and have been receiving some great information.
We'd love to promote you as well. Check out

Cool! Contact me here:


How many readers do you have?


With best wishes,


Dominique:  I'm so sorry for the late response.  This is one of my biggest challenges.  I have too much on my plate.  I'm an author with 3 books on the market, the 4th and 5th ones are finished just need to be edited and I have to design the covers.  One the cover is already done but I need to bring it from photoshop into indesign.  Oh, I didn't mention I went  back to college and only have 4 classes to complete my degree in computer arts aka graphic designing.  I already did the commencement so I"m officially the class of 2011. I own my publishing company and I also have a production company which produces a christian stage play called, The Virgin Mary Monologues, which tours around New Jersey.  I just started another company, Kingdom Graphics and Printing for which I design fliers, postcards, banners, you name it for entrepreneurs and church events.


For this reason people call me Super Woman but there aren't any leaps and bounds, just hard work for me. However, I would love to share my story of leaving behind Corporate America and picking up a pen to rewrite my future.

there a few differant ways to get your brand visible to those who do not know you exist,one way is to do an email marketing campaign,video marketing,put a free ad in your local news paper or even news papers all around just google there names and place a free ad all news papers allow you to place free ads.put out fliers in differant cities other than your own,put together seminars at your local library in there conferance rooms it should be free.also too i am an author who is need of a production company for my stage play that i putting together based off of my autobiography so i would love to learn more about what you offer.long as you make the extra effort to advertise then you will not need a publicist,i know because all im doing is on my own.will love to here from you thanks

Hi Lakeisha: 


Thanks for the tips.  I have done most of what you mention below.  I've posted fliers about my books and with my touring stage play.  I've done seminars with the library, street fairs, I vendor with the books, I do health awareness fairs with the play and even visit the nursing homes to encourage them and get the info to their family members. So, I've made every effort.  I've even had my own local radio show.  I facebook, I use to myspace, I try to tweet, I need to do more blogging but it's all so time consuming when I'm also writing more books and plays.  In fact, I should be working on my one women comedy how that I'm hoping to mount in August.  So, I'm always busy.


We can connect about your play, as I have produced mine.

ZORA.TV is offering opportunities for advertising to the diaspora.  This was a very important component in the creation of ZORA.TV - allowing minority and women-owned businesses an opportunity to get exposure like the "big boys".

I suggest that you write our programming department ( so they can talk to you about your work and see if your products and services complement the mission of ZORA TV.  If so, they'll be able to direct you to either advertising or possibly consider you for a featurette in the upcoming year.   


Just mention in your message that ML referred you via BBWO.


Good luck!  There's always hope!




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