Did your ‘get-up-and-go’ get up and go? Whether it’s a weight loss goal or sales objective, if you find yourself at a stand still—it’s time to get moving.

Losing your motivation and drive doesn’t happen overnight. It happens slowly, from experiencing ‘seemingly’ relentless frustration, setbacks and disappointment.

So how do you renew your personal drive and get back into the game? Here are seven steps to help you get unstuck and achieve your goals:

1. Reconnect with your true desire/objective.
2. Identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be
3. Take an inventory of the resources, relationships and opportunities at your disposal
4. Develop a plan of action to reach desired goal
5. Review your progress periodically
6. Make adjustments to your plan—as necessary
7. Celebrate every success—to maintain momentum

When you feel yourself faltering or procrastinating don’t get caught up in self-pity, instead keep plugging away until you reach your goal. Remember, setbacks are often set-ups for comebacks!

Merry Christmas!

**Stacey Smith is a serial entrepreneur and author of Lipstick Ghetto: The Girls’ Guide to Escaping The 9-to-5 Rat Race. She has been featured in The Arizona Republic and The Wall Street Journal Online.

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