Hi Everyone,

My name is Anne Usanga Akpan and I'm soo happy to join the group. I call myself an e-preneur. I'm basically interested interested in making money online and have been blogging since November last year , promoting affiliate products and on my Facebook page  and laterly selling on my eBay store I also design t-shirts which can be customised on and

I believe in the power of networking and realise that there's always something new to learn and I share what I've learn on my journey with others. The aim is to build a strong brand and I'm currently developing my makeup line 9jalicious which will be available online soon.

I'm available on Twitter @9javatar, Hootesuite and Linkedin (Anne Akpan) as well. All likes, follows reciprocated! advice and tips appreciated!

Here's to our Success!

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Would love to connect with you Anne, I started my online business very similar, with blogging and promoting affiliate products!

Thanks Tamyka, I appreciate any tips and advice that you can offer. Anne.

Sure thing! I have lots of tips on blogging for business at my blog here: check it out and feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks Tamyka!

thank you so much,welcome i'm sure we will do a lot of business together, thanks for joining my social network reppn 9ja, all for my love of the beautiful cultures of 9ja, I love all things 9ja<> #9jacali, 1love fam

Thanks Hun, Here's to being a successful 9jerian woman, being true to our roots and conquering the world! Join me on Facebook 9javatar.

smiling, oo, i'm 100% yankee parents and on and on, I really love the culture i'm really big in the #9jacali community, successful i'll be IJN, I also have a online store reppn 9ja t/shirt collections and more ,thx for youur support team 9ja 4 life oo, 1love, #BBWO

Okay you'll be successful cos you're working @ it! I also have a spreadshirt shop.

nice shop, waving!! #BBWO 2012 LEGGOOOOOOOO,


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