I was viewing this video and it got me to thinking seriously about my own business. It made me really contemplate the state of my business and I realized a few things, one being if I had the opportunity to promote my business in 30 seconds or more via an elevator pitch as these business owners in this video, would I be ready, willing and able to deliver, and the answer is most definitely not.!

So my question to you is, if you had an opportunity to pitch your business to an interested investor or potential customer or client in 30 seconds or less, could you do it in an efficient and effective manner? This is something I will get to work on immediately, (At the end of the day I'm still working on it, not as easy as I thought). I do know this and I bet you will all agree with me, no one can promote your business like you, and being that you're the representation of your business, and you may only get one opportunity for that big break, you must be ready at any given time. So take the time out to prepare that 30 second speech/pitch, memorize it and put it away for safe keeping. I'm just saying!

Check out the video and let me know what you think. Blessings!

Wow, the commercial for the show SHARK's just came on. You should check out that show, if you haven't already, and it will give you a lot of ideas.

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