Looking for other businesses to exchange links and possibly items for sale.

Good morning/Afternoon,

I am looking for boutiques and retail stores to showcase my crafts, and possibly exchange links and items with.  It is my opinion that Sachets add a touch of class to any area of a house ranging from a dresser drawer to bathroom décor.


 My company, House of Marchand offers Sachets, prefilled with organic fiber chips scented with a variety of fragrances. We carry prescented
Bustier, Corset, and Bridesmaid, and Bridal Sachets.  Our
goal is customer personalization and customization. If there is a
fragrance that we don’t carry or a sachet idea that you have in mind,
please share it with us and we will do our best to turn that idea into
a reality. It is our belief that fragrances can bring out and reflect
the signature you!


As a thank you to any establishment that sells or displays our gifts, we offer free advertising on our website. A link to your business is
displayed along with any information that you wish for our customers to


If you are ever interested in Aromatic Marketing, we can be of service in that area as well. We prefill mini body spray, body oil or mini
potpourri bottles with the fragrance of your choice. The bottles are
left unlabeled, so that you can simply affix your companies tag or
label and either sell or offer these novelties to your customers. These
novelties make for great marketing tools when trying to attract new
clients. We sell purse boxes in addition to oil, spray and potpourri if
you would like to add extra pick me ups for your customers.  Our product line is being expanded currently so please check back daily for new items.


Please feel free to visit our website at Http://


I look forward to hearing from you. Thanking you in advance for your time and attention.





Terrelle L. Marchand

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I just created a new group for members who would like to create link exchanges. You can copy this discussion and add it there as well.


As the Ceo she has a section called "Known Zone". The "Known Zone" is design to give the opportunity to upcoming entrepreneurs- writers, musicians and business owners to get known.


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