My 3 Secrets Revealed to building a Million Dollar Business

Yesterday, I gave you 3 very deep, dark, and emotional secrets to influence, manipulate, and create “Fans” out of your customers to get them to follow your lead and give you money regardless of economy, price, circumstance, or even your win/loss record…

Certainly, since we are talking about You, we know you provide good quality and value and all of that good stuff. But, at the end of the day, losing teams still have fans. Shitty restaurants still have customers. You want to be better than that, and you are.

You just need to know and embrace the real secrets that will take you to the next level.

Thursday I’m going to be telling you about something very special, extraordinary really. When you show up Thursday, you get priority information, first. (Register here )

Anyhow, I want to review the 3 secrets, because, quite frankly, I’m sure you haven’t taken time to really study them and apply them to your business, yet, so I will.

1) Hope

2) Belonging

3) Anticipation

Hope, in essence is “the big promise” – the Great Solution as I talk about in the Million Dollar Equation, in this case, of a better life, because of You, your business, whatever it is you offer. Whatever you sell, you have to articulate, allow the customer to experience it and have vision of it as providing much greater impact on their life than just “features and benefits”.

You are selling what they wish they could have.

Belonging, is about being a part of something bigger than oneself. I have two clients who do this, actually three, marvelously.

But Customers and Clients of theirs sell “movement” “cult” “private group” they sell status. Customers don’t want to just be another customer. They want to be a part of something, if you make this possible, they’ll do whatever you say.

This can be by membership, secret handshake, loyalty programs, etc But, the greater the extreme you can take this, the better.

I do it with the Million Dollar Equation Members. Only serious entrepreneurs allowed. The ones that are, stay, others we run off.

Anticipation, is all about “What’s Next” and giving them something to look forward to. As many Entrepreneurs also fall victim to BSOS, or Bright Shiny Object Syndrome – so do Customers. They want the next, the new, the better, the improved, the different, etc –

As example, cell phones, iphones, and on and on.

Events work great. Sales promotions.New special things.

You can never do enough of this. And you can never make it too hyped, you can never promote it too much. One of my friends and mentors in the martial arts industry says “promote the event until you think it is ridiculous, then DOUBLE IT”

If you grasp the importance of these 3 secrets, they will make you rich, and your customers will love you more because of them.

So, this brings me to Thursday, which I don’t have time to elaborate on. I’ll just say that one of the most powerful ways to exploit these 3 secrets is through what I call – The Million Dollar Equation.

At the fr*e training I’m going to take you through exactly how to make your business come to life, and I’m guaranteeing that you’ll end up with more leverage, insight, and fun opportunities to put in place in your business than you’ve imagined before.

These 3 secrets applied, gives you the ultimate Fan Creating, Business everyone wants to be a part of.




Can't wait to answer all of your questions

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