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Good Day Sistas,


This is Rosanne Reid from the beautiful Island of Jamaica W.I.  I am a Gold Consultant and own my own business marketing and distributing Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma.  My company name is BFreeMarketing and we coach persons on being successful in business through networking and other business opportunities.  There are alot of people in this world who need to be freed from poverty(financial lack) and my mission is to bring freedom through Health thus creating Wealth.  Our company is a global internet based company and what we do can be done anywhere in the world working from the comfort of your home.  Our products have been releasing and blessing Cancer patients, asthmatics, chronic migraine patients, diabetics and a whole lot more........ I look forward to connecting with you.


Have a Blessed and Coffeeliscious Day!

Rosanne Reid



Call:  876-363-6412


Welcome, new members!


I'm Jamie Fleming, founder of Mocha Writer, a boutique copywriting & content creation service, specializing in creating fabulous copy and content for small, women-owned businesses. I'm also founder and publisher of For Colored Gurls, a lifestyle blog that inspires and empowers women to live their most Fabulous lives.


Looking forward to connecting with you : )

Hello Everyone,

My name is Renee Brown, I am a Independent Marketing Director with Financial Destination Inc. Founded in 2003, Telecommunication/Marketing Company. Offers a variety of products and services such as FDI Mobile, FDI Video Phone, Hands Free Program, Free Discount Pharmacy Cards and more. Feel free to visit my website Listen to five minute call 1-800-480-2095. I look forward to sharing ideas and networking.

Much Success,

Renee Brown


BREAKING NEWS:  This is Beverly Mahone reporting to you from North Carolina. 

Hi everyone!  I'm a veteran journalist-turned-media trainer.  I'm one of the old heads.  I'd like to welcome all of the NEW members here and let you know this is an AWESOME place for you to be.  I don't get here as often as I should but whenever I pop in I always find significant value offered by LaShandra and fellow members.

I am a Media Trainer---and a radio talk show host.  Through my Company, BAMedia, I teach people learn how to self-promote themselves for MAXIMUM exposure.  I work specifically with women who are in transition---who are reinventing themselves at midlife.  If it's your time to shine, I can help you turn on the spotlight! 


I also blog:



I also offer a free 15 minute consultation so contact me:

Hello Ladies,


I am Tanaya owner and designer for Ayanat Designs ( I make bold & unique jewelry for the everyday woman that appreciates style at an affordable price.  I look forward to networking with you all.  I hope that I can meet your fashion needs.




Hi All!


I am a newbie too. Have not been able to take full advantage of the site due to the summer being so busy. But to introduce myself, I am a motivational guru that encourages people, businesses, and organizations to operate in excellence. I do this by way of speaking, workshops, seminars, and blogging - soon to have my first e-book!


I am interested in collaborating with some other women who are in this line of business to have my very first conference on living and operating in excellence. If anyone is interested, send me a message and we can get together to make it happen! Thanks!


http// and on Facebook as B Excellent, Inc.

Hello Nickquolette,


A unique spelling for your name :-)......welcome to BBWO.  I aspire to be a motivational speaker and author someday and I am in the process of writing a book so maybe we could link up.  I already coach and train persons on being successful using different success princples that have been "age old".  Looking forward to sharing with you.


Rosanne Reid

Hello Everyone,

My name is Renee Brown, Im A Independent Marketing Director with Financial Destination Inc., FDI Is A Telecom/Marketing Company, A Solid 8 year old company. Visit my website, Five minute Information Call 1-800-480-2095. I look forward to networking and sharing ideas with others.


Renee' Brown




Hi My name is Kita and I am fairly new to this website. I stumbled on it through twitter and I have been enjoying it so far. I have two blogs and On my business blog I have a link to my consulting business where I help people develop and make their business idea come alive. I also feature businesses on my website for free so that my readers can know about small businesses throughout the US. If you want to be featured please contact me at

On my Say What U Wanna blog I talk about any and every topic with a sense of humor so if you are looking for a good laugh to get you through your day then please check that website out. I don't do catering but I do help people cook or come up with ideas for food related parties. If you need my help in anything food related check out the link Say What and we can go from there.

You can catch me on twitter  (colorcoated10) or facebook. Thanks

Hello, I am Lavonda, owner of Gro-aut Solutions, a hair care company specializing in hair care products specially formulated to address the specific needs to promote healthy and faster hair growth. Whether you have received a bad hair cut or you are experiencing balding or hair loss, hair damage or you simply want longer hair, Gro-aut hair care products are just the right products to get your hair healthy and growing fast. Noticeable hair growth results generally within 5 days.


To view customer reviews and testimonials with before and after pics visit  or or google "gro-aut" or even search "gro-aut" on youtube for anonymous customer videos.

Hello Beautiful Sista's!

My name is Autumn and I am the Founder/Owner of MANE DAME Magazine. MANE DAME is a magazine that focuses mainly on advertising for Virgin hair companies and salons all over the world. I also will be advertising hair care products, clothing, jewlery, makeup, and many other products that catch womesn eyes. I will travel to different cities every month to run a story on a salon and stylist in that salon that has been voted as the best in their town by their peers. I have a columniss that is educated and equipted to give advice on weave care for virgin hair as well as for our natural hair under the weave. MANE DAME's website is under construction at the moment but feel free to contact me here or through e-mail at


Wow what a wonderful business concept! We will have to do some networking! In the meantime you should have your business listed in the urban business directory! Check it out @
Stay Blessed and check out my blog


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