I know that this site is dedicated to business... However non-profit business/organizations are essential in the black community.  I wanted to know if any sisters on hear run a non-profit and if so will they be willing to share their experiences be it good, bad or ugly.  This is something I have been researching and interested in for sometime and I want a little reat talk FEEDBACk.




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I am still trying to get the funds to submit my 501c3 application. I am non-profit in the state of Wisconsin, but in order to be eligible for grants and have that nationwide recgonition I need to get that app in. $450 I dont have have at once. I am still doing at fundraisers and events to build the org and working with my board.

See we really need to put our heads together.  Right now I'm thinking bout just fronting it myself...but its a little bit of issue with that ttyl about it LOL

We can't keep doing it all ourselves..especially on non-profits..



I have a unique fundraiser opportunity for you and your non-profit. If you forward me your email address I will pass on my fundraiser program to you.


Thank you,


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Thank you dahlin, but I don't need another fundraiser, ask anyone, I am fundraiser QUEEN, I even have an all year round one that is great; it's timing. With everyone succombing to the recession, every little penny saved is better for them. So, I'm just patiently waiting.....
I have a Christian organization, but just started it as an LLC because I wanted to get it up and running.  In the next few years, I will establish it as non-profit, but there was so much I needed to get started that I decided to go ahead and get it up and running and established for a few years and get some exposure before converting it.  The difficult part about it is that it is hard to get fundraisers or donations because it is not non-profit, so I rely on book sales and speaking engagements. I have so many things in place for 2011 that hopefully will launch me out there greater so I can establish my non profit.
I applaud you for your choice Quiniece; sometimes you have to think outside the box.


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