"What do you mean?! I hired a professional web designer and spent X dollars to have my website developed."

"Are you serious? It took me forever to figure out that slide show thing-a-ma-jig."

Simply because your website is pretty and looks great to you, it does not mean it will bring you more leads and sales. Am I saying that your website has to be ugly to achieve its goals? Absolutely not.  However, there are several things to consider when designing an effective website that will convert your browsers into buyers.  Read more...

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I used to sell on my blog when I first started out!
Amen sister! I tell clients that all the time. You are so on point with this post. The old adage is true #PrettyIsAsPrettyDoes because, if it doesnt make $ it doesnt make sense;)
Thanks for your feedback, Ladies!  Having a visually appealing site is important to make a good first impression and engage; however, it is not what makes people buy your products and services.  You need to clearly and concisely let them know what problem you can solve for them, why they should choose you over your competitors and invite them to take the next step.

Very informative, now I am going to re-evaluate my site!


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Pretty websites don't bring sales your marketing does, BUT ugly websites drive me away so fast! lol

I invite you ladies to join our Facebook Group "Fix My Site".  We are critiquing each others' website and providing valuable information on search engine optimization, conversion, effective web design, landing/squeeze pages and much more.  Your feedback/questions would be greatly appreciated!
So true! Thanks for the post!
I have always loved the subject header of this discussion - it reminds me of an article I recently shared on SistaSense entitled - Creating a Web Business: The One Thing that Matters More than Looks (read here). Newbie entrepreneurs need to understand they are in business to make money not to feel good about developing a pretty website - the heart of really making money online is having quality products to sell and knowing how to marketing/sell them.
Great post, LaShanda! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the blog.  Valuable content is key to blogging success.  I recently heard someone recommend visiting your own website or blog as if you were a visitor (and not the site owner).  Doing so may help to lower your defenses and allow you to experience what visitors do when they visit your site for the first time.  Having repeat visitors can be a sign of a good website as well.  Check your website stats to what percentage of people bookmark your site or come in directly thru the URL (a sign they may have remembered or bookmarked your website).






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