Getting Our Slice of the Pie
Jeanne Mamdu
Shimmer’s Natural Bath & Body Salon LLC. 2011 

The market for natural cosmetics industry is growing larger everyday (“With the global skin care market valued at $80bn in 2010 and still growing fast, there is a lot at stake in this dynamic and fast-moving market, where demand is currently driven by consumer desire for more effective and eco-friendly products”.) By Simon Pitman, 31-May-2011. As more people become aware of the natural remedies that combat abnormal conditions such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin irritations, sunburn, household burns, scraps and cuts. They will begin abandoning what has been common in over the counter remedies, and seek out natural/organic products, proven to work with your DNA.

Everywhere you look today, you see advertisements for “Natural/ Organic” solutions for everyday skincare and grooming needs. The consumer is more educated on the harmful effects of chemicals today than ever before. The consumer sees the effect of chemicals in the body cosmetics industry that tends to cover up the problem, and not do much more that sit on top on the skin. Products imported from China, cause one to ponder long and hard, as to what is actually going into, the so-called Natural/Organics? The consumer market has become “Green” conscious and demanding natural, eco-friendly ingredients for keeping their skin, soft, moisturized, younger looking and protected from free radicals caused by UVA, B and C. Treatments that combat radical agents: that age, dry and wrinkle the skin are driving the consumer market.

When conducting our marketing surveys, we ask the party. “What is it they need or would like to see in skin care”? We get an overwhelming “cosmetics and skin care products without chemicals, products that will reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and protection from the sun naturally”. Today’s, consumer is looking for skin care treatments and products that are infused with natural/organic quality and know the benefits, ranging from aromatherapy for mental relaxation to their physical health. Having received my certification in esthetics, have given me additional appreciation concerning protecting and beautifying the skin.

The anti-oxidants, peptides, natural sun blocks, polyphenols, enzymes, vitamins and minerals in our fruits and vegetables all help to remove dead skin cells, while penetrating the epidermis and regenerating new skin cells. Product knowledge is very important in the skin care industry. This knowledge ensures your customer will receive the very best in natural/organic formulations for their particular skin type and issue.

Source *Formulations & Science May 31, 2011

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