Selling space on your do you know what to charge?

I am curious as to how people determine what their rates are on their blog or website for advertisers.  I would also like to know how any of you might go about offering space for another person (like an author, entertainer, artist etc.) to sell their products or goods through your site. 

If anyone could provide feedback, that would be great!


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Great question Evonna:

I sell ad space on all my websites, because it just makes sense. Once you start to build a following of loyal viewers in a particular target market (very important to note), business owners and entrepreneurs just might want to advertise on your website. The key thing to note is that you need traffic if you want to get the attention of advertisers.

Solopreneurs generally start selling adspace any where from $10 - $100 per month (when they start out and are looking to attract their first real advertisers). When you start putting together advanced advertising campaigns, you might charge anywhere between $1 and $50 for CPM.... CPM means Cost per 1000 impressions. That means an ad banner or text link gets viewed 1000 times, and for every 1000 the advertiser pays you a certain amount. Most times you would charge a minimum fee if you were going to setup CPM ad packages or a Rate Card, so people can see what your ad prices are.

This is all stuff you can Google, but I have written a beginners guide to help newbies with these questions, as well as explain how I got started selling advertising on my website and the tools that I used. It's call my Easy Ad Builder Hand Book. Here is a discount code, if you decide to download it. Code: SELLADS.

Usually when folks ask me about selling ad space, they also want to learn more about Making Google Adsense Money. I have created a few audio mp3s and video tutorials on Using Google Adsense. You can download them from this link.

Oooooo thanks Lashanda! I am in the process of updating my business plan and wanted to start looking at rates. I always like to hear how people go about doing something to get more than one opinion.
I will look into your book to download. The more advise the better!

I'm suppose to seel Ad space using my media kit but I never got around to making one so I just pitch directly to companies. To figrue out what to charge you need to learn what other sites in your niche area is offering. I've seen prices range from $20 month to $75month for 125x125 space. 


If your working with another person to to sell their products then you could work out a deal. A lower ad rate for a percentage of sales since they're gaining customers using your site readers. Just a thought.  Hope that helped somewhat


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